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pwPage provides an extremely fast and simple approach to the creation of data base forms.  That is, if a data base table exists and a corresponding HTML page has been constructed using a few easy guidelines, pwPage can immediately used for table data selections, insertions, updates, deletions and selectable table content reviewing merely by adding a symbolic link to pwPage.cgi.

Note these major differences between pwPage and most conventional HTML page processing:  

Your HTML pages are not embedded within pwPage software!
pwPage uses your separately created and maintained HTML page for both input and output!
pwPage knows NOTHING about your HTML page and associated SQL table until executed!
SQL statements and values are dynamically derived from the combination of your HTML page and corresponding SQL table meta data!

As you will see when reviewing the examples, pwPage relies on just a few HTML components hence you can create your pages by hand or your favorite editor as long as you follow a few simple guidelines.

The currently released version of pwPage supports mySQL.  Since it's fairly simple to port pwPage to most popular data base systems, you might like to check back from time to time, or join our team.  Future versions will depend upon corresponding levels of interest and creativity.

I have every expectation that you'll find pwPage's simplistic approach to forms based data base applications will allow you to create complete applications in less than an hour with 95% of that hour consumed in creating HTML pages.  Forms based data base applications don't get any easier!

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