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pwPage Examples

The following examples should provide a reasonably good understanding of the existing capabilities of pwPage.  I should mention that these web pages have been constructed using Microsoft Frontpage 98.  There are no constraints on which product you use as long as you follow pwPage usage rules.   Indeed, I frequently code the HTML by hand.

Name and Address - example #1

This illustration provides an example of the fundamental design and use of pwPage.   Although your web pages can be of pretty much any design or construction, the basic components typically include Select, Insert, Update, Delete and Review form submittal buttons.  There is no inherent need to provide all of this functionality on a single page, but the capability is there if needed.

Product Description - example #2

Here again, the fundamental components of this page are the same as the proceeding example.  The only real purpose of this second example is to merely illustrate that the same pwPage software is supporting very different pages for very different data base tables.  Although pwPage could have been written with numerous configuration options, the design intent was to enable the creation of forms based data base maintenance pages in minutes rather than hours or days.

Blocks - example #3A

This example adds nothing in particular to preceeding examples, but rather is used to enter whatever information you wish to present in example 3B.

Blocks in Use - example #3B

This example reflects the various information provided in example #3A in block format.

Please Note:

The "example?Review" HTML forms are normally only used for Review results.  The direct links provided on these pages are merely for convenience so that you can see the "raw" form prior to being populated by review processing.
The "error" link is also provided to show the "raw" form prior to being populated by pwPage error processing.

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